Is it not to elect someone to make laws (Sometimes they call them “bills.” Why is that?) to force others to do or not do what he or she wants? I think that is a horrible way to live, and it is immoral to use force no matter what the reason. If one is selfish, or believes that the end justifies the means and wants to force others to do things for him or her, I suppose that is a reason to vote, but are those good, moral qualities? Is there a better way to live than everyone doing what he or she wants? You might think that would be impossible, and maybe so, but perhaps not, if everyone believed it is wrong to use force. Basically nobody would care what anyone else was doing. This may be impossible to achieve, but shouldn’t that be the goal? Just remember that if you think it is right for you to use force against others, does it not follow that it is right for others to use force against you? Wouldn’t it be better if no one used force? That should be the goal.

If it were your goal, you would have no reason to force me not to use anyone who will agree to see me for medical care and drugs. Most people don’t know what I am talking about, but unless I go to a government-licensed medical person or use government-approved drugs, I or they will be punished. What possible reason could there be for this except that the government wants to maintain a monopoly for certain persons and/or it thinks we are incapable of deciding these things for ourselves? Of course there are many examples of the use of force in this supposedly free country, but the point is that voting to use force should be the last resort, and never if one thinks it is immoral to use force. If one is afraid of the consequences of not voting, that is understandable, but wrong I think, but at least one should not be proud of voting.

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I might have figured out why no one agrees with me. Apparently, I’m the only person who wants to live his life on his own terms. If I want someone to do something for me, I will pay or ask them, but the thought will never cross my mind that I should force them. What is wrong with that and why doesn’t everyone think that way?